Creating Amazon Alexa Skills for Realtors

My Home Agent the developer of Amazon Alexa Skills for businesses officially launched in Los Angeles.

Understanding how important voice marketing would become with the arrival of chatbot-operate devices like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google’s Google Home, Voice Marketing Pro committed themselves to leveraging voice marketing for increased real estate business.

Calabasas, CA, December 2018: My Home Agent, a Calabasas, California-based voice marketing platform that has helped already helped 300 Real Estate Agents in Los Angeles market themselves on Amazon and Amazon Alexa devices like the Echo Dot, and 1000’s across the country.

“When I saw my 4-year old daughter use my Amazon Alexa device for the first time, I immediately felt I was getting a glimpse into the future of Artificial Intelligence,” said Co-Founder and CEO David Bramante. “I felt like I was looking at the first Atari game of the 1970s, and look how much games have progressed over the last 50-years? If our current day Amazon Alexa is the Atari of the 1970s, then what will Alexa look like 10 to 50 years from now? That’s when I knew I had to start developing voice-related technology.”

Since the arrival of the Amazon Alexa in 2014, voice search has exceeded 50% of all searching on mobile devices and computers. Additionally, nearly 50% of all Americans have an Alexa-enabled Echo device in their home. The echo is one of the top selling devices on Amazon, thanks to its convenience in our everyday lives. The device can order products, set timers, work as an alarm clock, and play any song on command, all with simple voice instruction.

“As we watched the rapid adoption of Amazon Alexa-enabled devices among buyers and sellers from Venice Beach, California over the last few years, we knew our team needed to launch Voice Marketing Pro quickly to help as many realtors as possible learn about voice marketing,” said Co-Founder and President Kayla Jane.

Voice Marketing Pro is quickly spreading among Keller Williams Realty agents throughout Southern California. In the coming weeks, the platform is expected to spread through all major U.S. cities.

The service includes access to personalized Alexa Skills on Amazon and Alexa devices with photos, contact information, and more. Business owners are encouraged to add personalized audio content, like a radio ad, to their Skill. Lastly, weekly market updates, customer support, and an Amazon Alexa flash briefing are included as part of the package.

About My Home Agent

My Home Agent is a Calabasas, California-based voice marketing platform. Designed to make voice marketing more accessible and easier to understand for Realtors across the country, the proprietary My Home Agent voice marketing program includes customer support, weekly market updates, Amazon Alexa flash briefings, and other educational material.

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